Renewed Sacraments

We believe in connecting with Christ through the renewed sacraments, which anchor our spiritual community. The sacraments allow Christ’s spirit to pass from heaven to earth and join us, offering blessing and joy to the lives of humans. Their form has mutated over time in some practices, and we aim to bring the sacraments back to their original form–as close to the original Christian sacraments as possible.

We celebrate the following sacraments:

  • The Act of Consecration of Man 
  • Baptism
  • Confirmation
  • Marriage
  • The Last Anointing
  • Sacramental Consultation
  • Sacrament of Ordination

These seven sacraments give us structure and purpose, but more than that, they are the way that our Christian lives are joined to Christ. We invite you to join us and experience that sacramental love through one or more sacraments.

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