Our Services

Like most Christians, we celebrate a Eucharistic service. Our is called “The Act of Consecration of Man,” and it’s a renewal of early forms of Christian worship. There are four parts to our services, and each part gives physical manifestation to what happens in heart and spirit.

  • Gospel Reading
  • Offering
  • Transubstantiation
  • Communion

Through our services, we seek to unite our hearts with Christ, who shares his healing forces with all who seek, recognize, and follow Him. He helps us along our path toward becoming more fully-developed humans, and we, in turn, help each other and others along that same path.

Our services are solemn and quiet, with no microphones or projectors or worship bands. Prayer is simple and communal, with some occasional quiet music and some songs sung together as a group. We celebrate the eucharist at our services, as Christ commanded us to do at the last supper.

We also have a shorter Sunday service designed specially for children ages 6-13. These services are specially designed to communicate with children in language and images that are appropriate to their age and development. We emphasize the importance of loving Christ as the Spirit who is present in all things and who teaches us to love. Parents and older siblings are, of course, welcome to attend this service.

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