Children and Young People

We believe no community can survive without sharing the best of itself with its young people. That’s why the Christian Community is dedicated to providing age-appropriate, meaningful experiences for the children and young people of our congregations. Just as children need good food and water to grow physically, so too do they need spiritual food–the word of Christ and a community based in His love–to grow spiritually.

Formal religious education starts at age seven, but some congregations may have offerings for younger children, such as puppet plays or family devotional gatherings. Our core religious education takes place between first and eighth grade. It starts with fairy tales and nature stories that then grow into the Old Testament for the younger grades. Older children learn about how divine power has shaped the world both before and after Christ’s incarnation, explore the gospels in depth, and finally prepare for confirmation at age 14.

Baptism and confirmation mark the beginning and end of religious childhood. Once a child is confirmed, they have made their adult commitment to a life in community and are eligible to receive communion for the first time. Teens have many opportunities to stay involved once they are confirmed, including by serving as camp counselors and attending youth groups and conferences. International conferences and other gatherings provide fellowship opportunities for young people well into their twenties.