About the Whitsun Conference

Whitsun fire was the ultimate gift of freedom, given to the apostles as a physical manifestation of blessing and liberation. How do we nurture that flame within ourselves? How do we start it and keep it going?

Our Whitsun Conference was organized to help answer those questions. We invite all members of the Christian Community and all others who are curious to join us in exploring this central theme. This is a global gathering of different people from all over the world. We will celebrate the act of consecration of man, work together to explore these questions, and build community with each other and in Christ.

Our most recent conference was held in Den Bosh, in the Netherlands, in 2017. At that conference, over 1200 people came together to explore these central questions of Christian life and identity. More-established congregations and those with greater financial resources teamed up to support newer congregations and those with fewer resources so that all who wanted to attend could do so.

We look forward to future gatherings of believers from around the world so that we can again come together in fellowship, share the love of Christ, and build new relationships among our community members.

Guidance for life’s paths comes in many forms. If you need more one-on-one guidance, some life coaching might help you get there. We will continue to offer spiritual nourishment and community during the process.