About the Christian Community

The Christian Community is an independent community of believers who center their community life around the renewed seven sacraments. We do not attach ourselves to any existing church or movement.We believe that Christ’s presence in the sacraments replenishes our community life, which gives us the chance to connect with each other and connect our lives to his. Christianity is a universal movement, and sectarianism and dogma only serve to undermine is universal significance.

Our organization was born in 1922, and ever since, we have had an equal-opportunity priesthood and community life. It does not matter what your gender or sexual orientation may be – if you feel called to join us, you are welcome. We also welcome everybody regardless of age, race, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation. If you seek a community of Christians, especially one that focuses on sacramental integrity and freedom of belief, you will find a community here that welcomes you.

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