Welcome To The Whitsun Conference

Welcome to the online home of the Christian Community. We are a global community of believers who are not tied to an existing church or denomination. We believe in encountering Christ through the renewed sacraments and through community with other Christians. Read below to learn more about us and our conference, our beliefs, and our programs.

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About the Whitsun Conference

Whitsun fire was the ultimate gift of freedom, given to the apostles as a physical manifestation of blessing and liberation. How do we nurture that flame within ourselves? How do we start it and keep it going?

Our Whitsun Conference was organized to help answer those questions. We invite all members of the Christian Community and all others who are curious to join us in exploring this central theme. This is a global gathering of different people from all over the world. We will celebrate the act of consecration of man, work together to explore these questions, and build community with each other and in Christ.

Our most recent conference was held in Den Bosh, in the Netherlands, in 2017. At that conference, over 1200 people came together to explore these central questions of Christian life and identity. More-established congregations and those with greater financial resources teamed up to support newer congregations and those with fewer resources so that all who wanted to attend could do so.

We look forward to future gatherings of believers from around the world so that we can again come together in fellowship, share the love of Christ, and build new relationships among our community members.

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About the Christian Community

The Christian Community is an independent community of believers who center their community life around the renewed seven sacraments. We do not attach ourselves to any existing church or movement.We believe that Christ’s presence in the sacraments replenishes our community life, which gives us the chance to connect with each other and connect our lives to his. Christianity is a universal movement, and sectarianism and dogma only serve to undermine is universal significance.

Our organization was born in 1922, and ever since, we have had an equal-opportunity priesthood and community life. It does not matter what your gender or sexual orientation may be – if you feel called to join us, you are welcome. We also welcome everybody regardless of age, race, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation. If you seek a community of Christians, especially one that focuses on sacramental integrity and freedom of belief, you will find a community here that welcomes you.

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Renewed Sacraments

We believe in connecting with Christ through the renewed sacraments, which anchor our spiritual community. The sacraments allow Christ’s spirit to pass from heaven to earth and join us, offering blessing and joy to the lives of humans. Their form has mutated over time in some practices, and we aim to bring the sacraments back to their original form–as close to the original Christian sacraments as possible.

We celebrate the following sacraments:

  • The Act of Consecration of Man 
  • Baptism
  • Confirmation
  • Marriage
  • The Last Anointing
  • Sacramental Consultation
  • Sacrament of Ordination

These seven sacraments give us structure and purpose, but more than that, they are the way that our Christian lives are joined to Christ. We invite you to join us and experience that sacramental love through one or more sacraments.

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Our Services

Like most Christians, we celebrate a Eucharistic service. Our is called “The Act of Consecration of Man,” and it’s a renewal of early forms of Christian worship. There are four parts to our services, and each part gives physical manifestation to what happens in heart and spirit.

  • Gospel Reading
  • Offering
  • Transubstantiation
  • Communion

Through our services, we seek to unite our hearts with Christ, who shares his healing forces with all who seek, recognize, and follow Him. He helps us along our path toward becoming more fully-developed humans, and we, in turn, help each other and others along that same path.

Our services are solemn and quiet, with no microphones or projectors or worship bands. Prayer is simple and communal, with some occasional quiet music and some songs sung together as a group. We celebrate the eucharist at our services, as Christ commanded us to do at the last supper.

We also have a shorter Sunday service designed specially for children ages 6-13. These services are specially designed to communicate with children in language and images that are appropriate to their age and development. We emphasize the importance of loving Christ as the Spirit who is present in all things and who teaches us to love. Parents and older siblings are, of course, welcome to attend this service.

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Children and Young People

We believe no community can survive without sharing the best of itself with its young people. That’s why the Christian Community is dedicated to providing age-appropriate, meaningful experiences for the children and young people of our congregations. Just as children need good food and water to grow physically, so too do they need spiritual food–the word of Christ and a community based in His love–to grow spiritually.

Formal religious education starts at age seven, but some congregations may have offerings for younger children, such as puppet plays or family devotional gatherings. Our core religious education takes place between first and eighth grade. It starts with fairy tales and nature stories that then grow into the Old Testament for the younger grades. Older children learn about how divine power has shaped the world both before and after Christ’s incarnation, explore the gospels in depth, and finally prepare for confirmation at age 14.

Baptism and confirmation mark the beginning and end of religious childhood. Once a child is confirmed, they have made their adult commitment to a life in community and are eligible to receive communion for the first time. Teens have many opportunities to stay involved once they are confirmed, including by serving as camp counselors and attending youth groups and conferences. International conferences and other gatherings provide fellowship opportunities for young people well into their twenties.

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