- Stichting Boilerhouse

Opening ceremony: Boilerhouse

Mathijs van Alstein

Priest - Zeist Community, The Netlerlands

Mathijs van Alstein (1976) studied philosophy in Antwerp and Brussels. In 2005 he finished a doctoral dissertation on Martin Heidegger. In 2010 he became a priest in The Christian Community. He works in Zeist. He is married and has two children.

Morning lecture: State secrets and groupdynamics
Workshop: World on fire

Ignaz Anderson

Director - Iona Stichting, The Netherlands

Ignaz Anderson (1957) has been director of the Iona Foundation since 2004. Before that, he had worked for 25 years for the Waldorf School in various committees. His special interest field is water. He also is a member of the supervisory board of GLS-Treuhand, friend of the Earth Charter and Worldconnector.

Evening presentation: Den Bosch; A conversation with the genius of the city.

Ya’akov Arnan (Director, Speech formation and Theatre School Hamila, Israel); Faiz Sawa’ed (Manager, Sha’ar laAdam- Babl’ilInsan, Israel)


Born in 1958 in a kibbutz in Israel, after school, an army career, met Christianity and anthroposophy, co-founder of Kibbutz Harduf, study of speech formation in England, co-founder of the HaMila Speech Formation and Theater School and of the meeting place Sha'ar laAdam - Bab l'il Insan, Married, 2 daughters as well as several grandchildren.

Faiz Sawa'ed, born 1966 in Bedouin camp of the Sawa'ed near Harduf. There, meeting with Anthroposophy, after a short stay in Dornahc studies of social work in Israel, graduation with Master, work in South Israel, since 2000 back in Galilee. Social worker in a nursery, today the manager of the meeting place Sha'ar laAdam - Bab l'il Insan.

Workshop: The Intercultural Middle Eastern Theater …

Bastiaan Baan

Priest - Director Seminary Springvalley, NY, USA

Bastiaan Baan (* Haarlem, NL 19149) worked after his teacher training in a ghetto school in Los Angeles, in Gandhi-schools in India and as a Waldorfschool teacher in the Netherlands. After his priest ordination in 1981 he worked as a priest in the Christian Community in the Netherlands. Since 2013 he is the director of the Seminary of the Christian Community in North America.

Evening presentation: Only fire is not consumed by fire
Workshop: Cooperation with the deceased in social life

Laura R. Bargmann

Director - Drempeltheater, The Netherlands

Born 1955, married, 4 children, 2 grandchildren. 2001 first meeting with the anthroposophy through a son. Asked for a role in the 3rd Mystery Drama. Intensive collaboration, study of Anthroposophy and Speech formation. 2008 Member of the Anthroposophical Society and class member. 2015 Class Reader. Participation in Consultation Circle of the Christian Community, Rotterdam. 2016 Art Director Drempeltheater.

Workshop: ‘How do the opposing powers relate to human beings and to nature in connection to our morality?’

Vicke von Behr

Priest - Berlin, Germany

Born 22/07/1949
Study: Theatrical Sciences, Theology and Economics
1992 consecration, priest in Berlin
Lenker of the Eastern Region 2001
2002 Member of the Circle of Seven
2005 Central Lenker

Closing ceremony: A fire-flower bouquet for the future

Vicke von Behr, Anand Mandaiker, Christward Kröner, Marie-Pierrette Robert, Gisela Thriemer, Stephan Meyer, Jaroslav Rolka

Central coordination of the Christian Community - Berlin, Germany

All members of the Circle of Seven have been priests of the Christian Community for many years

Workshop: The future of the Christian Community: Questions – Perspectives -Challenges

Kees van Biert

Chairman of the Board – BDGrondbeheer - Netherlands

After his studies Kees (1957) worked briefly at a consultancy firm, and founded in 1984 JBR Strategy & Corporate Finance. Meanwhile JBR is a medium-sized global consulting firm. Kees is responsible for the international maritime and offshore practice. His peasant origins and love for agriculture was persecuted when, in addition to his job at JBR, he became Chairman of the Board of BDGrondbeheer in 2013.

Workshop: Ownership and financing of agricultural land; pension wit oxygen mask or healthy investing?

Yaroslava Black-Terletska

Priest - Cologne Community, Germany

Born and raised in the Galicia, Ukraine. At the university of Tschernowitz I did German studies and Philosophy. I translated books and lectures in to Ukrainian and German. Held teaching positions, wrote poetry and painted. Published (short)stories, poetry and organized Individual and Community Exhibitions. Ordained in 2005 and since working in Cologne.

Morning lecture: Fuel for the Spirit. About cool places and burning cities.

Wilma Bos

Priest - The Netherlands

Born in Amsterdam 1946, school time (gymnasium) in Rotterdam. Several studies and occupations: chemical analyst, studies of architecture and philosophy, five years a professional singer. Priest seminary Stuttgart from 1981, Ordination in 1975. Congregations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and South-Africa. Senior priest since 2010, living in The Hague.

Workshop: Our tie and the Book of Revelations

Désanne van Brederode

Writer - The Netherlands

Désanne van Brederode (Utrecht, 1970) Studied Philosophy at the VU university in Amsterdam. Since 1994 she wrote seven novels and published them by Querido. On a regular basis Désanne writes essays, articles, and columns for a wide range of media. She lectures on different Philosophical themes and is an active member on the board of the Syrian Committee in The Netherlands.

Morning lecture: About peace – balancing between acceptance and resistance.

Peter Bruckmann

Priest - Düsseldorf Community, Germany

Born in 1949 from 1969 -1973 studied Law science, 1973 first state bar exam, 1976 second state bar exam and admission to the bar. 1979 appointment as notary, 1988 ordained as priest, married and two grown up children, Priest in Düsseldorf.

Morning lecture: “Struggle for a future legal life – resurrection forces working in social life”.

Michael Bruhn

Priest - Lenker of Switzerland/France/Italy/Spain/Portugal

Born in Central America, grown up in Germany, after completing a degree in protestant Theology I worked for many years in curative education and social therapy with young adults with special needs in Scotland. Ordained as a Priest in The Christian Community in 2001, congregational work in Überlingen, Berlin and Kleinmachnow, since 2016 Lenker for Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Morning lecture: Sacraments in Everyday Life
Workshop: The seven great questions – Sacraments and everyday life

Christopher Houghton Budd

Economic and monetary historian - Economics Conference of the Goetheanum, Switzerland

Over fifty years researching Rudolf Steiner's economics in practical, academic and policy contexts. Convenor of the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum, part of the Social Sciences Section. Current main focus: youth financial literacy. Books include: Finance at the Threshold, Rare Albion, Prelude in Economics. Publisher of Associate! journal from 1980 to 2015. www.christopherhoughtonbudd.com.

Morning lecture: Johannine Economics – Christianity as Financial Fact
Workshop: Johannine Economics / The Transformation of Gold

Lisette Buisman- Walbeek

Priest - Community Zeist, The Netherlands

Lisette Buisman-Walbeek.
Born in 1951. Was consecrated in 2005 in Berlin.
Has worked in The Hague and since 2016 in Zeist.
Before that she worked with theatre, art therapy and eurythmy; Both in the theatre as well as in schools, institutes and companies. 18 years artistic director of an eurythmy company. She is married and has a son.

Workshop: The Fire in Jeroen Bosch

Clarine Campagne

Organization consultant and Coach - Clarine Campagne TBV, The Netherlands

Clarine Campagne completed her studies at the University of Wageningen in 1987. She loves trips, both in nature and figuratively, alone and together. She worked at the free university with students and gave various training courses in "Iona Stichting". As coach she accompanies people and organizations with development questions. She is also an administrative member of AViN.

Workshop: Task of now: how will you be really social without losing your self-being?

Lisa Devine

Priest - Sydney Community, Australia

Lisa Devine originally trained as a youth worker and worked with homeless young people. After completing her Masters in Psychology she specialized in work with conflict situations and trauma. She also followed her lifelong love of dance and became a Eurythmist. For the last fifteen years she has worked as a priest in the Christian Community in Australia.

Morning lecture: The Bridge of Fire to the Future

Anna Dijk

Islamologist - Fahm Institut, The Netherlands

Religious scientist, Islamologist, and Islamic theologian, specializing in authority structures. Dijk is the founder and director of the Fahm Institute, consultant in the field of Islam and social issues. She works as an analyst, consultant and lecturer mainly with research and making the information understandable. Her passion is justice.

Workshop: Islam as believe

Carla van Dijk

Social designer - Nelmezzo, The Netherlands

Studied social pedagogy, working in Bildung Betriebsjugend.VPA –opleiding.Teacher Geert Grooteschool Amsterdam, 3 years priest's seminar, foundation of Tobias school, biography and consultant training at the "Centre for social development", followed by long international cooperation with C. van Houten. Work with Waldorf teachers in Germany, Russia and Ukraine, "what hinders good cooperation".

Workshop: The mystery of meeting

Paul Doesburg, Marjolein Doesburg

Researcher - The Netherlands

Paul Doesburg, researcher nutritional quality. Nutrition - a collection of ingredients? He finds this too simple. With his research, he represents a life with a view to the diet.

Marjolein Doesburg, specialist in laboratory medicine. And we live long and are happy? This again she finds too simple.
With their book 'Become your Own King', they stimulates people to develop moral health

Workshop: Nourishing the spiritual flame

Lisanne Eblé-Bekman

- Institute for Human and Organizational Development (IMO), The Netherlands

After her "Master of Leadership" (2016), Lisanne Eblé-Bekman (1972) now works full time as an entrepreneur at the Institute for Human and Organizational Development (IMO).
"Having a vision, guiding dialogue out of interest to what connects us in human being and the realization of 'sustainable success' are qualities that appeal to me when it comes to leadership."

Workshop: Presence

Waldtraut Fetscher

Psychotherapist & communication trainer - Germany

Waldtraut Fetscher, coach from the Niedersachsen (62a), familiar with social processes, early bitter exclusion experiences, the feeling does not fit. Found religion and the Christian Community, since 2004 pupil of Marshall Rosenberg, Non violent communication. I live in Bavaria, love Vienna, plan to live life evening in a still to be found community in the Chiemgau. www.lebens-supervision.com

Workshop: “Fire play without guilt in speaking and listening”

Rainer Fournes

Musician - Germany

Born 1950 in Berlin – Waldorf school - music studies - longtime member of the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin, professor for violin at the Berlin University of the Arts, orchestra director of the Landesjugendorchester Berlin. For decades familiar and active in the cultic music of the Christian Community, much chamber music with violin or viola in different ensembles, annual chamber music workshop

Workshop: In which form do we find “con fuoco” in chamber music?

Wolfgang Gädeke, Jeanette Terra

Priest - Germany

Wolfgang Gädeke, born 1943, Waldorf school, bachelors, of priests seminary, history, theology and psychology in Marburg and Tübingen, a practical year in psychiatric clinic, consecration in 1968, priest in Ulm, Kiel and Hamburg, Lenker in northern Germany 1990-2009. Since 1982 marriage counselor; Teacher in seminaries for priests, numerous publications. He has 4 adult children.

Priest Christian Community, Bochum. High school Waldorf Teacher: German, French, religion, ethics.
HR Manager, Human Resources and Organizational Development Consultant, Development Support of Executives, Economic Mediation, Marriage/Family Mediation, Co-founder of Schnellen Hilfe e.V. (Quick Aid) Bochum (Promotion of Children and Youth Welfare). Co-author„Mut zur Konfliktlösung“(Trigon Verl.)

Workshop: The shadow of the Christian Community

René Groenen

BD farmer - 'De Beersche Hoeve', The Netherlands

René works at the Beersche Hoeve (NL), a biodynamic farm specializing in the reproduction of vegetables and the ennobling of vegetable varieties. Both activities are carried out in collaboration with biodynamic gardeners, who are mainly active in Germany: "Bingenheimer Seed" for the sale of seeds and "cult sowing" for the development of new varieties.

Morning lecture: “The sower went out to sow the seed …”

Ardan Heerkens

Priest - Community Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Born in (the Dutch province) Noord-Brabant, grew up in Flanders (Belgium), married, became a father and was consecrated in Germany, works in Amsterdam since 2012.

Workshop: ONE flame, our fire: The Lord’s Prayer

Bernard Heldt

Orthopedagogist / developmental psychologist - The Netherlands

Bernard Heldt is an orthopedagogist. He is the chairman of the Training Committee and Secretary-General of the Dutch Therapeutic Education Movement.
He is vice president of ECCE, a European NGO for anthroposophical medicine and co-founder of ELIANT, who handed over 1 million signatures to the European Commission. He teaches "religious trends" to young people from the Christian Community of Zeist.

Workshop: Understanding between religions and the effect of the Christ-being in it

Bertolt Hellebrand

Priest - Frankfurt/Main Community, Germany

Waldorf School in Munich; Studied Biology, Geography and Chemistry for High School Teacher in Munich and Hamburg; Married, 3 children (13/12/10); Priest's seminar Stuttgart; Priest of the Christian Community since 1999, first in Cologne, then since 2004 in Frankfurt / Main; Lecturer at the priestly seminar Hamburg (Plant observation according to Goethe i.a.)

Workshop: ‘The Fire of the love that creates beings’ – Transformation Processes in Your Own Life and the Sacraments

Dieter Hornemann

Priest - Chiemgau community, Germany

I went to the Waldorf School in Hannover. Since 1973 I am a priest, first 30 years in Stuttgart, then in Chiemgau. In 1976, I was called for the first time for a baptism from Moscow. Since then I have been able to carry out the work of the renewed sacraments in many places in Russia and Ukraine, travelling a lot. I'm married. We have 6 children and up to now, 15 grandchildren.

Workshop: Dances from different cultures

Ger Jue

Old director of a nursing home - The Netherlands

72 years. Widower for 6 years. Own experience from the elderly care with aging and dying, with the rituals which occur and the practice of communication and reading for the deceased.

Workshop: “How close are our deceased” a workshop by the Stichting Wederzijds

Constanza Kaliks

Member Executive Council, General Anthroposophical Society, Leader Youth Section, - Goetheanum, Switzerland

Born 1967 in Chile, raised in Brazil. Studied Mathmatics, attended the Teacher's Seminar at the Goetheanum. Mathmatics teacher in the upper grade of the Steiner School in São Paulo, lectured at the Teachers' Seminar. Since 2012 Leader of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum, in addition since March 2015 member of the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society. Married, 2 children.

Evening presentation: Cultivating peace – a decision of the human “I”?

Mariano Kasanetz

Priest - Buenos Aires Community, Argentina

Born in 1971, studied physics in Buenos Aires. Married, father of a daughter and a son. Priest since 2004.

Morning lecture: The individual and the group. The Beatitudes, the burning challenge of our time

Patrick Kennedy

Priest - Spring Valley Community, NY, USA

Born in Sacramento, California, Patrick was consecrated into the priesthood in Chicago, Illinois in 2006. Graduating from Kimberton Waldorf School, he got his bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology at UCSC. After nine years of work helping to found the Washington D.C. area congregation, he was sent with his wife and two daughters to work at the seminary in Spring Valley, NY.

Morning lecture: “Our Helping Guide”: Cultivating a Direct Relationship with Jesus Christ
Workshop: “The Narrow Gate” – finding the Path that leads to life

Eva Knausenberger

Psychotherapist - New Zealand

Born in Germany, married in the USA, I had four children and am now a grandmother to thirteen grandchildren. 25 years ago I moved to New Zealand, where I have worked as a trauma therapist, specializing in psycho-somatic integration. I am a long-time member of the Christian Community, of the Anthroposophic Society and of the School of Spiritual Science.

Workshop: Healing Soul Wounds. The Trauma of Immorality

Jitka Kozeluhova

Musician - Germany

Born in Prague in 1966, studied piano, singing and composition (conservatory and academy in Prague), from 2002 she became a cantor of the Stuttgart-Mitte community, free-lance and pedagogical activity (Courses for the public to musical basic phenomena, guest lecturer at the Free University of Stuttgart and school Sophia in Slovakia.)

Workshop: Compositional exercises – leading to the creation of the cult music

Anand Mandaiker

Priest - Member of Circle of Seven, Germany

Born in Madras, India. Studied architecture before he was ordained in 1992 as priest in the Christian Community. Worked as community priest in Basel and Tübingen and is since 2006 a fulltime member of the Christian community leadership circle of seven.

Morning lecture: Passing through the gates of live and death / Responsibility and Freedom

Mario Matthijsen

Environmental specialist - The Netherlands

Waldorf school in Zeist; Studies of physics with final thesis; Worked on drop imaging at the Louis Bolk Institute in Driebergen; Retraining to become an acoustic consultant; Worked in different advisory offices and authorities, now at the Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden; Also active in the Scientific and Mathematical-Astronomical Section of the School of Spiritual Science

Workshop: Michael – Ahriman

Ulrich Meier

Priest/Seminary Director - Seminary Hamburg, Germany

Born 9-June-1960 Hamburg, Waldorf school, educator study at the Fröbel collage in Hamburg, Priest seminary in Stuttgart. Ordained as priest 1990 community priest in Hannover and Hildesheim. Since 2006 stationed in Hamburg-Mitte and director at the seminary in Hamburg. Coauthor for “Die Christengemeinschaft” magazine since 2005

Morning lecture: Failing successfully – Creative alternatives for Zero faults
Workshop: Become human through play

Jeanne Meijs-Stolk

Author - Sampovereniging van Actief Beeldende Therapeuten, The Netherlands

Born in 1951 in Boxtel, NL. From the age of 28 she worked as a therapist with children and / or parents in a private clinic. She wrote 11 books between 1996 and 2014. Training in active expressive therapy in 1994. Connected with anthroposophy since the age of 28. Member of the Christian Community since 1998. Mother, grandmother, wife. Lives in Belgium.

Morning lecture: Surrounded by the unborn
Workshop: Birth experiences (delivery) as understanding and help for education

Martin Merckens

Lenker - Region Switzerland/Italy/France/Spain/Portugal

Martin Merckens, lenker of the region of Württemberg (Germany), born in Ulm / Donau. Waldorf School and study of biology and geography as a service in Tübingen. Later training at the Stuttgart Priests Seminar with a year of practice in Johannesburg / RSA. Consecration 1996. Since then he has been active in several communities in southern Germany and Switzerland. Lenker since 2015.

Workshop: Community: What is it, what can it be? The Community creates homeland, provides protection, gives space.

Jacques Meulman

psychologist, The Netherlands -

Born april 19, 1948. Living and working in Amsterdam. Married to Jill Meulman-Cozijnsen. Many years of experience in Waldorff-Education. Working as a psychologist in private practice. Attached to a Waldorffschool and an anthroposophical Therapeuticum. Guidance and treatment for adults, parents and children with various developmental and educational questions.

Morning lecture: Go ahead, point the way, light the fire !
Workshop: Forever and ever connected

Nora Minassian

Priest - Community of Pennsylvania, USA

Nora was born in Syria to an Armenian family. She studied in California and received her B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering and her M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She is trained as a Waldorf teacher. She did her seminary training in Chicago and Stuttgart with practicum in Berlin and South Africa. She was ordained in Berlin in 2009 and now serves The Christian Community in Pennsylvania.

Workshop: What is Reality? How do we discern between reality and illusion? How do we connect to the Truth?

Aaron Mirkin

Priest - Stroud Community, England

I had a Jewish upbringing in South Africa. Following a degree in Chemical Engineering, I worked in the petroleum industry and then film industry. I 'found' Anthroposophy and The Christian Community when I was 25 after a journey through Atheism and Buddhism and became a biodynamic farmer in Camphill near Cape Town. I have a wife and 3 children and was ordained as a priest in 2001.

Morning lecture: Compost and the Image of Man

Hans-Bernd Neumann

Priest - Reutlingen Community, Germany

Born in 1964, married and 4 children, Studied physics on 6 Universities’, MSc of solid state physics. Studied Theology and was ordained in 1999. Priest in Bielefeld, Tübingen and Reutlingen. Author, speaker and teacher.

Morning lecture: Border phenomena – Experiences and their consequences in the age of the Consciousness Soul

Amie van Oers

Active art therapist - De Kleurenboog Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Anthroposophy came into my life in 1989 with our first child. During the pregnancy with our second child, I became a member of the Christian Community. With all this in my luggage I work since 1998 as an independent active art therapist with parents and children, who have questions on their way of life. Since 2003 I taught within the training of Sampo, the professional association of "active art therapists"

Workshop: Working for the Unborn

Gloria Padilla

Engineer and teacher - Columbia

I have worked facilitating programs of organizational development from the humanist and social. I have been a professor in universities and consultant of companies of diverse sectors, working the quality of the work from the quality of the human being. Currently in projects of engineering and individual and social helping to work forgiveness and reconciliation from Theory U in my country, Colombia

Workshop: Forgiveness and reconciliation in the individual and the social, working with the phrase: “Father, forgive them because they do not know what they do”

Jonathan en Imre Ploeg


Evening presentation: “…and I become a wall” Chamber Choir JIP

Tom Ravetz

Lenker - Great Brittain and Ireland

Tom Ravetz was born in the UK in 1964. He met the work of Rudolf Steiner in Botton Village and was ordained in The Christian Community in 1991. In 2011 he took on the role of regional coordinator for Great Britain and Ireland. Tom writes and speaks on a variety of theological and spiritual themes. His books, 'Free from Dogma' and 'The Incarnation' are available from Floris Books.

Opening ceremony: Playing with Fire – Learning to live out of the Spirit
Workshop: The Go-Between God –Exercises towards an understanding of the Holy Spirit

Thomas Reuter (musician); Andreas Krennerich (musician); Angelika Remlinger (singer, music therapist, painter)

- Germany

Thomas Reuter, born in 1952, studied composition, piano, conducting in Leipzig. Pedagogical and compositional activity in Halle / Saale. Music to the cult of the Christian Community; Choral conducting in Hanover and Kassel. Coursework in Free Improvisation. Pianist and vocalist in various concert improvisation ensembles.

Andreas Krennerich born1963 study saxophone at the Music Academy in Stuttgart. Worked as a concert with saxophonist improvised and composed music. Radio recordings and made many CDs. Cooperated with artists from other disciplines such as literature / language, dance, performance and visual arts.

Angelika Remlinger, lecturer at various training centres. Teaching and course guidance for vocal formation and singing. Concert activity mainly in the field of improvisation. As a singer and painter interested in artistic interdisciplinary questions. Image presentations in different individual and group exhibitions. Lives in Kassel.

Workshop: Free improvisation from listening. Thomas Reuter (voice, piano), Andreas Krennerich (Saxo), Angelika Remlinger (voice)

Otto Scharmer

Senior Lecturer - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Otto Scharmer (PhD, Witte/Herdecke University, Germany) is a Senior Lecturer in Organization Studies at the MIT Sloan School of Management (Boston, USA), a Thousand Talents Program Professor at Tsinghua University, and co-founder of the Presencing Institute. He is author of Theory U and co-author of Presence and Leading from the Emerging Future.

Evening presentation: Activating the Collective Intelligence of the Heart

Antje Schmidt-Kühl

Teacher for research in formative forces - Gesellschaft fuer Bildekraefteforschung.de, Germany

Born 1970 in Kassel, studies in eurythmy and art therapy, now living in Jena with 4 children, giving seminars in "Bildekräfteforschung"(research in formative forces), doing researches on seed-growing, eurythmy, Christ. year circle, substances for baptism, trips to Israel for studying the formative forces.

Workshop: Can we achieve trust in the force of praying through looking after the aetheric forces?

Jaap Sijmons

Lawyer - Anthroposophical Society, The Netherlands

Jaap Sijmons (1959) studied philosophy and law. He promoted in 2005 at the University of Utrecht with a dissertation on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner (Phenomenology and Idealism, Schwabe Verlag 2008). Jaap Sijmons is a professor and lawyer. Since 2014 he is Chairman of the Anthroposophical Society in the Netherlands ( Secretary Generalfor the Netherlands)

Morning lecture: Peace through spiritual fight. Philosophy as Anthroposophy between East and West.

Ilse Wellershoff-Schuur (priest, Germany); Sonja Spruit (architect, Netherlands); Amin Sawa'ed (curative educator, Israel); - Désanne van Brederode (author, Netherlands)


Sonja Spruit was born in Schiedam, near Rotterdam, in 1971. She grew up within the Christian Community in Rotterdam where she played violin during Sunday services between 14 - 25 years of age. Doubting between Theology and Architecture, she chose Architecture but always kept her interest in religion. As an architect she worked all over the developing world. Since 2008 she is based in Cairo, Egypt.

Amin Sawaéd born in Galilee in 1962 as the eldest son of the Sheikh Taha Sawa'ed, head of the Sawa'ed Bedouins. After High School Psychology studies, basic year of anthroposophy studies in Kibbutz Harduf, then formation in Waldorf Education in Forest Row, England. Bothmer gymnastic studies in Stuttgart, sports teacher, class teacher, curative educator in social therapeutic institutions in and around Kibbutz Harduf. Co-founder of the meeting place Sha'ar laAdam - Bab l'il Insan. Married, four children.

Workshop: The Challenge of Muslims and Christians Meeting Today – a Chance for Religious Renewal?

Ernst Terpstra

Lenker - Region Netherlands and Flanders

Ernst Terpstra (* 1955) studied physics, mathematics and astronomy. Until 1999 high school teacher and headmaster. Priest consecration in 2002, community work in Amsterdam. Since 2007 he has been the Lenker for the Netherlands and Flanders. Married; four adult children.

Opening ceremony: Opening of the conference

Jeanette Terra

Priest - Bochum Community, Germany

Priest Christian Community, Bochum. High school Waldorf Teacher: German, French, religion, ethics.
HR Manager, Human Resources and Organizational Development Consultant, Development Support of Executives, Economic Mediation, Marriage/Family Mediation, Co-founder of Schnellen Hilfe e.V. (Quick Aid) Bochum (Promotion of Children and Youth Welfare). Co-author„Mut zur Konfliktlösung“(Trigon Verl.)

Morning lecture: Fall into the darkness – rise in Christ; Conflict healing by dealing with the shadows of the past

Nargizi Tizlarishvili

Priest - Tbilisi Community, Georgia

Born 12.12.1969 in Georgia.
1987-1992 Studies at the Technical University in Tbilisi
1992-1994 Mathematics teacher in school
1999-2005 studies at the priestly seminar Stuttgart
2005-2007 Priest in Göppingen
Since September 2007 priest in Tbilisi, Georgia

Workshop: What do we offer in the Act of Consecration of Man?

Tom Tritschel

Priest - Bochum Community, Germany

Born in 1958 in Weimar, Sports school Ice skating, high school, typesetter, Gartner, window washer, Punk-band, Studied art painting and graphics with Horst Peter Meyer in Weimar, Priest seminary in Leipzig and Stuttgart. Ordained in 1993, Priest in Bochum, Teacher at the seminar in Hamburg, married and five children and seven grandchildren.

Morning lecture: “The holy Play – To play with holy fire” – The act of consecration of man – a risky enterprise
Workshop: Death and Life – Art and Play

Kees Veenman

Teacher - The Netherlands

After studying physics 1973- 1979 I work as a teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School in Haarlem. Since 1998 coordinator of the Science Section of the Anthroposophical Society in the Netherlands. Father of four children.
In 1984 my color research began, first phenomenologically, following the steps of Goethe, then from the impulse to explore the colors also spiritually.

Workshop: The meditation of colour and the acting of Christ in the colours.

Ilse Wellershoff-Schuur

Priest - Ueberlingen Community, Germany

Born in Northern Germany in 1958, lived in Germany, US, Denmark, married since 1978, today three adult children, two grandsons. Lawyer, Waldorf teacher, Ordination 2000, in Ueberlingen since 2008. SInce 1993: several trips to the Holy Land every year, including youth camps, study trips. Co-founder of the intercultural center "Sha'ar laAdam - Bab l'il Insan" in Kibbutz Harduf, Galilee

Morning lecture: Religious and Cultural Streams in the Holy Land Group Identities, Individuality and Freedom of Choice

Johannes Weyens

Baker and cook - Belgium

High school at a mission seminar. Educational Science at KUL. Active in the Anthroposophical Society of Belgium.
Training in Oberlaa Wien and PIVA Antwerpen. 25 years of own organic bakery. Always searching for the best bread. Lots of experience with honey-salt bread.
Now own small company as pensioner: De Vijfkant: www.devijfkant.com

Workshop: The rediscovering of bread

Gisela Wielki

Priest - New York City Community, USA

Gisela Wielki was born and raised in Germany. She has worked as a priest for 33 years in New York City, still counting. For nine years she was one of the directors of the English- speaking seminary of The Christian Community in Chicago, now in Spring Valley, NY. She is attracted to the discarded and in creatively integrating it into a new story.

Workshop: Light – Life – Love

Pablo Corman (priest, Peru; Andreas Loos (priest, Colombia); Craig Wiggins (priest, USA)


Ordained in 1986, 2005 & 1992 respectively, these priests have worked in Germany, Holland, Peru, Colombia and USA. All three have worked on questions around gender,(homo)sexuality and partnership/marriage rituals.

Workshop: The fire of love, creative of being in the LGBTQ age is no play thing.

Kazuhiko Yoshida (musician), Ingo Möller (priest), Emi Yoshida(eurythmy therapist)

- Germany

Ingo Möller is a priest in Winterbach.
Emi Yoshida is Eurythmy therapist in Munich. Artistic activity. She works in a school of curative education in Augsburg, member of C.D of the Anthroposofic Society Munich.
Kazuhiko Yoshida is a musician. Professional experience: Eurythmy Circle, Community of Christians, Theatre Academy, Waldorf Schools in / near Munich and Priests Seminary Stuttgart

Workshop: Sound word movement; An artistic workshop for all

Verena Zacher (musician, Switzerland); Peter Kraul (organ builder, Germany)

- Music circle of the Christian Community, Germany

Verena Zacher taught recorder at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis; Has been playing the lyre since retirement. She has given many singing weeks, in which songs with extended tonality were also developed.

Peter Kraul is an organ builder, who has already built some instruments with an expanded tonality. He plays with pleasure the clarinet and has even worked on the intermediate notes.

Workshop: Music in Extended Tonality

Andrej Ziltsov

Priest - Community Odessa, Ukrain

Born 19.04.1963 in Odessa, Ukraine. After finishing school, studied at the Technical University of Odessa. First occupation: nuclear power plants engineer. Work on the construction of various nuclear power plants in the former USSR, 1991 acquaintance with Anthroposophy. From 1996 studied at the Free School of the Christian Community. March 2000 - Priestly consecration. Since then works as priest.

Workshop: “Playing with fire”. Work with the Gospel

Whitsunconference 2017