Fire pits

Everywhere in the world in and around the Christian Community there are many initiatives that want to enter the world in order to be fruitful there. They show how religious renewal can be an impuls for renewal in different fields. We call these initiatives fire pits.

During the conference you can get to know such “fire pits” from different countries and continents. We hope that the spark will jump over and spread the fire.

1. Stichting Wederzijds (Nederland)/Foundation Mutual (Netherlands), for the promotion of a new dying culture

2. Arbeitsgemeinschaft-Sterbekultur Schweiz/Working community the culture of dying Switzerland

3. Saluto Genese (België)/Saluto Genesis (Belgium), to promote a good life environment for the young child

4. Sophiagroepjes (Nederland en België)/Sophia groups (Netherlands and Belgium), to promote attention for the unborn

5. Pallium (Nederland)/Pallium (Netherlands), home care on an anthroposophical basis

6. Confoedera-Förderverein (Die Schweiz)/Confoedera-Förderverein (Switzerland), for a community economy emerging from the individuality

7. Consumer360Academy (Nederland), Towards an Economy of Question and Answer

8. Grondbeheer (Nederland)/Landmanagement (Netherlands), How to deal in a different way with  landmanagement in agriculture

9. Perspektive Russland (Duitsland en Rusland)/Perspective Russia (Germany and Russia), partnership in the service of man overcomes borders (projects in Russia)

10.Sha’ar laAdam – Bab I’illusan (Israël en Duitsland)/Sha’ar laAdam – Bab I’illusan (Israel and Germany), project devotional house in Galilee

11. The House of Peace (United States)




12. La Choza (Argentinië)/La Choza (Argentina)

13. The Social Fund of the Christian Community in Cali, Columbia

14.“Gebettsteppich”(Duitsland en hele wereld)/”Prayer carpet” (Germany and the whole world), international prayer circle for peace in the World

15. Project natuurwezens (Nederland)/Project Natural beings (Netherlands), based on the legacy of Annie Gerding-Lecomte

16. Orgelbau (Duitsland), Peter Kraul/Organ Building (Germany), Peter Kraul

Whitsunconference 2017