2 June

Opening of the conference

Ernst Terpstra (Lenker - Region Netherlands and Flanders)

Welcome words

Language: Dutch → simultaneous translation

Playing with Fire – Learning to live out of the Spirit

Tom Ravetz (Lenker - Great Brittain and Ireland)

Fire was the gift of the gods who wanted human beings to make a journey towards becoming divine. Fire is dangerous as well as liberating; it can engulf us as well as helping us to create. Spiritual fire is the same. No rules can control it. It challenges us to join the dance of its flames – to celebrate it and work with it in a spirit of deeply earnest play.

Language: English → simultaneous translation


( - Stichting Boilerhouse)


Boilerhouse Foundation develops art projects in which eurythmy connects with other disciplines (music, speech, poetry, drama). This takes place based on conversations on a specific theme with all the performers involved. From these conversations the inner substance of each performance is built, and then, through improvisation, shaped into a form that continues to evolve and innovate until the last performance. The individual contributions of all participating artists thereby allow for mutual inspiration, that finds its expression in contemporary eurythmic choreography, newly created poetry and the use of new or existing musical forms.

Developing our contribution to the opening of this conference, we have been focused in our conversations on the theme “Playing with fire”, and we have sought how to make perceptible the essence of Pentecost within a space to be filled with eurythmy, language and music. In this development process we also included the concrete location where the event takes place.

You will find us, even before the official opening will begin, as individuals gradually travelling from a periphery, towards a common center. A center to which you as a spectator also belong. In this process of individuals approaching from a periphery to a center, we hope to generate a frictional heat for the soul that will ignite a new inner fire in the common center. As fuel for this fire, the “Heart-Sun-Soul-canon” was composed especially for the Whitsun conference. We will sing this canon together with everyone, as a part of our performance. This will have the best result if you would study the music or practice it together with the people in your area that will also attend the conference. To help you achieve this we have made the sheet music and 2 practice videos available here.

Eurithmy: Michaela Bekman, Martje Brandsma, Lisa Dunker, Mirjam de Gooijer, Bettina Grube, Franziska Knetsch, Monica Mees, Monique Moerkens, Carolien Oostendorp
Elvire Beekhuizen: singing
Taco Sorgdrager: text writer, composer, speaker
Laura Vink: play, artistic management and direction


Whitsunconference 2017