2 June

Den Bosch; A conversation with the genius of the city.

Ignaz Anderson (Director - Iona Stichting, The Netherlands)

Den Bosch, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, played an important role in the development of the NL between light and darkness. On the basis of three motifs, we will attentively listen to find the keys of the city. The motif of the meal, the urban settlement and the trade form the core of this lecture. Jeroen Bosch, playing with seductive fire qualities, shows the devilish evil. How different is this with Flemish masters like van Eijck. The luminous, sacred fire that raises us, is next to the devastating fire that ruins us. Both of them are interwoven. Since that time, it lies on the human being to be active in the midst of the weaving world light and the prevailing world darkness; in between arises, loving and in freedom, the consciousness. May these bear fruit in these days.

Language: Dutch → simultaneous translation

3 June

Only fire is not consumed by fire

Bastiaan Baan (Priest - Director Seminary Springvalley, NY, USA)

Which forms of Christianity still have a future?

There is something exclusive in Christianity, that nowadays often repels people. It has to do with traditions, sects, schisms and religious wars. Can we imagine forms of Christianity that include the rest of humanity, the earth and the realms of nature? Is it possible to transform what in the past has happened with fire and sword into a spiritual fire, that cannot destroy and that cannot be consumed?

Language: Dutch → simultaneous translation

4 June

Activating the Collective Intelligence of the Heart

Otto Scharmer (Senior Lecturer - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Activating the intelligence of the heart is in many ways the hidden signature of our time. While a lot of attention has been given to mindfulness and other meditative techniques for cultivating the interior condition of the individual, we know only very little how this inner cultivation could be applied to the collective. How can the power of mindfulness and compassion be applied to the transformation of the whole system? What does it take to awaken the intelligence of the heart for the whole social field? What are methods, tools and practical experiences so the social field can be shifted from ego to eco-system awareness?

Language: German → simultaneous translation

5 June

Cultivating peace – a decision of the human “I”?

Constanza Kaliks (Member Executive Council, General Anthroposophical Society, Leader Youth Section, - Goetheanum, Switzerland)

To cultivate peace is a worldwide challenge. The great longing for peace appears in stark contrast with that which is going on in the world today. Is a culture of peace a true possibility, founded on the human “I”?

Language: Spanish → simultaneous translation

Whitsunconference 2017