Sunday afternoon, 4 June, 14.30 -15.30

Burning – waving – streaming – standing

Improvisational concert


Angelika Remlinger, Kassel – Voice
Andreas Krennerich, Stuttgart – Saxophone
Thomas Reuter, Hannover – Piano, Voice

Music is movement, meaningful movement. It breathes and dances – and it can burn! Standing is also an experience of movement. As Trio jo.FEUERBACH, we practise listening attention and coordinated play out of the moment; The most different characters come about from sounds, tones and rhythms, sometimes from words.

Free improvisation, this “play with fire”, allows a high degree of vitality – but vitality, that at every moment requires guidance and shaping. Each concert is an act of the balance between release and attachment, between Dionysian and Apollonian forces – each time with unrepeatable results.

From listening, the path to audible participation is sometimes not far. Participants can, if they want to,  partly participate in vocal activities: a worthwhile venture!  The wind blows where it wants, and you hear the sound thereof, but can not tell from where it comes, and where it goes: so is every one that is born of the Spirit”.

Sunday afternoon 14.00- 14.15

The Prologue of the Gospel of John eurythmically represented,

“The human form is a form that has emerged from the movement.

Eurythmy is a continuation of this divine movement, of this divine form. With it, the spoken word is made visible.”

The prologue as a whole will be recited and eurythmized in Dutch. Immediately thereafter, the beginning of the prologue will also sound and appear in its original Greek language.

Speech: Annemieke Schellingerhout
Eurythmy: Helena Anschütz, Elisabeth Appenrodt, Ruta Bagdonaviciute, Ljerka Legac, Daniela Oele, Ingrid Thijssen

Monday afternoon, 5 June, 14.00 – 14.30

Spiritual fire and the coldness of matter – the struggle for man;
a program with eurythmy, music and speech formation on the struggle of Michael with Ahriman in man, with explanations.

After an introduction, the aetheric forms are shown eurythmically in silent forms, and also the so-called fallen aether forms, with piano improvisations. Afterwards, the descent of the cosmic intelligence from Michael to the human being is shown and the struggle of Ahriman to acquire it through man.

Michael cleanses the ether atmosphere around the Earth from Ahrimanic darkness through human materialism. Man actively turns to Michael and can learn through the Michael imagination, a saying of Rudolf Steiner, how Michael offers a path to the Christ.

The five light qualities around the Christ sun, as well as the entire fourth strophe of the foundation stone of the Anthroposophical Society, in which men oriented to the spirit ask together that their actions may be embedded in the course of world events.

In between and in the end, music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Arvo Pärt  is played,  with eurythmy.

Immediately after the break there will be a workshop with demonstrations, explanations and answers to questions.

The group of performers is composed, according to the project,  of the following persons (subject to change, including in the program):

Eurythmy: Helena Anschutz; Elisabeth Appenrodt; Ghiti Brinkman; Anne Kilian; Renée Krens; Cori de Leeuw; Ljerka Legac; Bertram van Mansvelt; Marleen Matthijsen; Mirjam van Osch; Irene Pouwelse; Ingrid Verschoor; Mania Wodowoz
Speech artist:  Marjo van der Himst
Pianist:  Paul de Roo
The quartet: Christian ter Veer (1er violin);  Thomas Patijn (2do  violin); Wim Struiksma (viola); Mario Matthijsen (Cello)
Lighting: Anri Maharadze
Introduction and explanations:  Mario Matthijsen
Coordination:  Mario and Marleen Matthijsen


Anthropo-Who? 14.45 – 15.30

A Loving, Irreverent, and Hilarious Look at the Anthroposophical Subculture

A show by Ronald Koetzsch

Ronald Koetzsch is a professional stand-up comedian from California USA who for the last twenty years has specialized in humor related to Anthroposophy, Waldorf Education, and related topics.  He has performed at Waldorf schools and at anthroposophical institutions and communities all over North America and around the world, including in the Great Hall of the Goetheanum.

The show includes segments on the:

The Steiner Lifestyle Points Survey

How to Know Your Temperament and Change Your Spouse’s

The Anthro-Speak Word and Phrase Dictionary

Life in The Christian Community

and more  . . .

The show will conclude with an appearance of Ronald’s alter-ego, the world famous eurythmist—Eva Maria Sophia Christina Duders zu, unter, und von Dudersdorf.  Eva is the originator of “Spewrhythmy,” a new art form that combines artistic speech and eurythmy in a single performer.

All the humor is positive and comes out of respect and love. There is no humor that is demeaning or hurtful.  The show contains no profanity, no bathroom humor, and no picking on members of the audience—unless they seem to deserve it.



Whitsunconference 2017