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We have added the final newsletter before the conference.

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Call for „Heart-Sun-Soul canon“

To everyone attending the Whitsun conference „Playing with fire“: We need your indispensable assistance for the opening performance „Whitsun“ by Boilerhouse! Part of the performance is the “Heart-Sun-Soul canon”, composed especially for the Whitsun conference. This canon will be sung…

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News Update April 2017

• On April 10, the complete registration form for adults was put into use. This means that anyone who has already registered has received an invitation to compile his program. Anyone who registers from today on can do it immediately.…

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Art during the Whitsunconference

Whitsunconference Welcome! You are invited to bring your own painting with you to  the Whitsunconference. Theme: Whitsun 1.      Just one painting per person. More paintings possible in consultation 2.      You hang it up yourself on the panels provided. 3.      Nails,…

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Poster and conference flyer

A poster and a flyer about the Whitsun conference 2017 is now available. These flyers contain additional information about the program. If you click here you can download the flyers onto your pc or print them yourselves. The website of our…

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Whitsunconference 2017