In the afternoon you can choose, individually, among a wide scope of activities. They range from practical, intellectual, spiritual, to physical workshops, like:

Practical workshops:

  • Making an oloid
  • Making a huge pentagon dodecahedron
  • Collective sculpturing with waste wood
  • Or welding, improvisation theatre and portrait drawing

Intellectual workshops:

  • About youth in the 21st century
  • How to make medicines
  • On the role of Money
  • Or about the social three folding, bio-organic farming and Theory U

Spiritual workshops:

  • Go for a walk and philosophise
  • Meditate around the elementary beings
  • The Christian Community in todays world
  • Or poetry and a surprising dialogue

Physical workshops:

  • Learn how to use a bow and arrow
  • Go dancing or eurythmy
  • Or one of the many sports we offer

Whitsunconference 2017