What can you expect

During our festival we invite you to search for the fire of your personal idealism and explore what aspects of our world are in need of your ideals.

In three full days we will take a look at our world, discuss what is happening around us and explore what we can do to build and renew our world together.

Guiding speakers

Every day will see a new guiding speaker, meant to arouse you by offering a different perspective on our world.

On Saturday, Lisa Devine, Christian Community priest in Sydney (Australia) and core tutor at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, will reintroduce Steiner’s ideas of the human capacities of thinking, feeling, willing as they are expressed through body, soul and spirit. She will explore how anthroposophy has shaped other major initiatives such as education, biodynamic agriculture, medicine, the arts, and architecture.

On Sunday, Mathijs van Alstein, Christian Community priest at Zeist (the Netherlands) and having a PhD in philosophy, shall surprise us with a view of today’s need for anthroposophy and how we can recognise this around us. He continues where Steiner stopped and brings antroposophy to our current society.

On Monday, Otto Scharmer, senior lecturer at MIT and co-founder of the Presencing Institute will introduce us to his U-Theory, a tool which offers us a complete new perspective on approaching today’s challenges and problems and offering a new search for solutions.

Daily dialogue

After the guiding speaker we will enter a dialogue in smaller groups heightening our understanding of what we have learned from the speaker and applying this to the world around us. These dialogues will be with the same group throughout the festival and will be facilitated by two people.

The dialogues are open, but each take a specific approach. Groups are divided over four area’s of respect:

Respect for yourself:

Questions around personal development, social media and the future of education:
Respect for the other
Questions around our society, the role of money, social threefolding, and health care
Respect for nature
Questions around our natural environment, sustainability and agriculture
Respect for the spiritual world
Questions around religion, faith and the future of the Christian Community

The specific area of respect that you choose will guide the dialogue in your group. It is not meant as restriction, but merely as a guidance. We aim to limit groups to 20-25 people per group and take account of your linguistic preferences.

Individual workshops

In the afternoon you can choose, individually, among a wide scope of activities. They range from practical through artistic or sportive to intellectual. Within the next weeks there will be an overview of workshops to choose from.

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Are you under 18 when the festival starts?

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