International Whitsun Conference of the Christian Community
2nd to 6th of June 2017 in The Netherlands

The International Whitsun Conference is the biggest gathering of the Christian Community. It is a wonderful opportunity for people from all over the world to meet with each other and to discuss ideas and possibilities together in an inspiring environment.

At the same time, a youth gathering will take place at the conference site. Children between the ages of 10 and 14 can meet at the International Children’s Camp taking place at the same time at another location in The Netherlands.

At the International Whitsun Conference we come together, at the daily services as well as to meet each other with the theme of the conference:

Playing With Fire

Whitsun Fire – the gift of freedom

During the time of Whitsun we hear in the Act of Consecration of Man the words speaking about the flames being the “revelation of the Spirit”. How can we grasp this fire? You cannot just grasp this fire and wish to own it. The fire of Whitsun waits for the moment that we make ourselves available for it’s inspiring and enthusing power.

How can we learn to use this fire in the right way, so that it can become a healing, warming force that has a real effect in the world? When we look around us we see that this fire is very necessary in the world: we see much fire, but fire that does not take account of human dignity and freedom. But how can we learn to bring something truly new to the world, to do something that has not been done before?

When we observe children then we see how much creativity and freedom they find in their playing. This playing prepares them for those moments in their lives when they grasp their own impulses and overcome their fears..

At the Whitsun Conference we can meet with one another, inspire each other and learn from each other how to grasp this fire of the Spirit. How do we catch the spark? How do we feed the flame? How do we light the fire? There we unite with each other in the “holy play” of the Act of Consecration of Man that starts with the lighting of the seven candles upon the altar by one tiny flame that brings so much light and warmth, and that we carry inside us in our community.


Whitsunconference 2017