Frequently asked questions

Is there a brochure for the conference?

Yes, you can find the brochure online on the conference website at News, you can read them as a pdf file or print them out.

What is the difference between registration and login?

The “registration” occurs when you sign  in for the first time and enter your personal data. Login will only work if you have your password. You will receive the password for the second phase of the registration process.

When can I register for the various program items?

We will send you an e-mail with a personal link to your old form, in which you can add then on your program choices.

I want to register several people. How does it work?

The first person you register is the main booker. During the registration of the main booker, if you want to book one of the accommodation options, you have to book the overnight stay for the entire “group”. After the successful registration of the main booker, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with links, with which you then can register the other persons individually.

Can you, if you are under 26, also participate in the conference for adults instead of in the youth festival?

Yes sure! This is just as possible. However, you also pay the adult conference fee. Please note: lodging is not included in the conference for adults!

Why can I only register digitally and not in writing? I am not so skilled with the PC, so the registration and payment via the Internet is difficult / impossible for me.

We have a complete understanding that it is not easy for everyone to register via the Internet. The fact that we have set it up so, has only one practical reason. It is the only way in which the small group of volunteers can process many applications from all over the world.

In our information on the conference, we have hoped that in the communities one would help each other. It would be helpful to appoint one (or several) ‘ambassadors’ in each community: people who are familiar with the PC and the Internet, and who can help others to register and answer questions about the meeting.

Any ambassador can contact the organization at any time, via the contact form on the conference website. Normally, all questions are answered quickly.

What about parking?

Congrescentrum 1931 has a large parking area. Parking is during the conference free-of-charge.


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