The Christian Community is organising summer camps in the Dutch country side for over 90 years. Every summer Dutch children are excitedly awaiting the start of their summer camp. On our grounds, in the province of Drenthe, a special children’s camp will be organised in parallel to the Whitsun Conference 2017.

Our experience with building beautiful, playful and harmonious camps will be used for a special 5-day long camp for children of 10 up to 13 years old. Building tree huts, playing in the forest, comedy play, sports and storytelling are only some of the ingredients of this camp.

Every day another unforgettable moment, ranging from when the staff awakens you singing, until the moment you drift away at night on the voices that surround you.

Only children of 10 up to 13 years old, whose parents are attending the International Whitsun Conference, can be registered for the children camp Berka.

The children’s camp is intended for children of adults, who themselves participate in the International Whitsun Conference. As soon as an adult is successfully registered, the possibility to register children for the children’s camp appears.

Whitsunconference 2017