Conference hotels

Once you have registered for the Whitsun conference 2017 you will be able to book one of our conference hotels in de vicinity of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. We have selected three beautiful hotel locations and secured a limited number of rooms.

Location A (including bus transportation to and from the conference) 4*
De Ruwenberg
Ruwenbergstraat 7, 5271 AG Sint-Michielsgestel
+31 (0)73 558 8888

The ‘Ruwenberg hotel’ is situated in the town of St. Michielsgestel about 16 min by car from Congress center 1931. As a former castle it dates back to the 14th century but is now fitted with all modern facilities.  Most rooms in this hotel feature either double beds 160×200 cm or twin beds 2x80x200 cm; some single rooms are also available. Set in a landscaped park the views are immaculate.

Facilities in this hotel includes swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, fitness room, driving range and squash court. Free Wi-Fi internet access

Prices:            Room 2 pax, 4 nights € 385,00 per room (including tax)
Room single use, 4 nights € 296,00 per room (including tax)

Prices include room and breakfast and transportation to and from the conference. Breakfast will be served from 7:00 till 8:00 hours. After breakfast the buses will drive you to the conference to be in time for the morning service. After the close of day around 21:15 the buses will bring you back to the hotel. On Friday 2nd  June the buses will leave the hotel around 14:15 hours to drive you to the conference site in ‘s-Hertogenbosch where you be welcomed for the conference. After the close of day ceremony the buses will bring you back to the hotel. On the last day of the conference, 6th June the buses will bring you in the morning 8:00 hours to the conference site with your luggage. After the closing ceremony there will be no bus transportation available to the hotel.

Location B (Room and Breakfast only) 3*
De Guldenberg
Guldenberg 12, 5268 KR Helvoirt
+31 (0)411 64 24 24

The ‘Guldenberg hotel’ is a former monastery set in a 40 acre estate near the town of Helvoirt. The driving time is around 18 min to the conference site in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Our allotment in this hotel includes 22 smaller single rooms and 24 standard double rooms. All beds measure 80×200 cm. The hotel is surrounded by forest, which is inviting you for a stroll or maybe a longer hike. Bicycles are rented out by the day and might be an alternative to get you to the conference site. Distance is 14 Km that will give you about 45 min cycling to the conference site. Breakfast is served between 7:00 and 9:00 hours. After breakfast you make your own provisions to get to the conference site. The program starts precisely at 9:00 hours with the act of consecration of man.

Facilities in this hotel include fitness room, sauna and free Wi-fi internet access.

Prices:            Double room 2 pax, 4 nights € 334,00 per room (including tax)
Single room 1 pax, 4 nights € 167,00 per room (including tax)

Location C  (including bus transportation to and from the conference)
Landgoed Huize Bergen
Glorieuxlaan 1, 5261 SG Vught
+31 (0)73 658 04 00





Landgoed Huize Bergen is one of the three conference hotels. The organization of the International Pentecostal Conference in 2017 has been able to make special price arrangements with this hotel. The rooms are equipped with a single bed or a double bed. The breakfast and the trips from the hotel to the conference and back are included in this price. The price is valid for four nights. Arrival on Friday noon, June 2nd, 2017 and departure on Tuesday morning, June 6th, 2017.

Single room standard, 4 nights € 294.00 per room (including tax)
Single Budget (very basic), 4 nights € 254.00 per room (including tax)
Double Budget (very basic), 4 nights € 355.00 per room (including tax)
Double luxury, 4 nights € 445.00 per room (including tax)


Whitsunconference 2017